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Residential Aged Care

We take care of the learning

so you can take care of the caring

A Solution for Residential Providers

In line with the emphasis of the Aged Care Quality Standards on consumer outcomes, particular focus will be paid to engaging learners via reflection, scenarios and interactions to address people’s needs, goals and preferences in all learning activities.


A number of risks have been identified in older people that lead to significant morbidity and adversely impact on people’s quality of life. A short fall in the identification and management of unexpected deterioration or change, has also been identified.

Relevant learning activities are matched to the Aged Care Quality Standards. This includes Dignity and Respect, LGBTI Inclusive Care, Customer Service in Care and many more.

About Me Series 

Our About Me Series will introduce your workforce to the concept of the consumer being at the centre of the new standards. These 9 highly engaging 10-15 minute videos will introduce the new standards from the consumer perspective. The learner will have a practical understanding of the Aged Care Quality Standards and scenarios will facilitate the application of their learning.

Look and Act Toolkits 

We are also excited to introduce the ‘Look and Act’ toolkits. The ‘Look and Act’ toolkits address the high impact/high prevalence risks topics from Standard 3 and Open Disclosure (Standard 8) to supplement the existing learning resources. 


These 10 to 15 minute learning activities are optimised for mobile phones and other devices and provide ‘Just in Time’ learning to further develop your workforce’s knowledge, observational and reporting skills.


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